Brian Veltman

Journey of a DevOps Engineer


Brian was the go-to person when I had any questions related to frontend development. He is able to easily explain technical stuff to non-tech people. His always well-thought-out considerations make him a team member to build on. The passion he has for his work makes him look at things from different perspectives, to find ways to do things even better. It was a pleasure to work with Brian, I can highly recommend him.

I had the pleasure of teaching Brian on our game audio course and found him to be an intelligent and attentive student who achieved very good grades. He took a very active part in the course and was well motivated. He would be an asset to any team.

Working with Brian is a bliss. He is able to translate his choices for open source libraries, architecture and deployment models in a clear an convincing way to his colleagues and to management. He’s a facilitator and has leadership capacities. His insights are valuable and smart, listen and learn…

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